Tuesday, May 29, 2012

a little update.

''Do you have friends?'' This is the first question every doctors/psychologists asked me on our first meeting. i am proud to say that i have a bunch of good friends around me despite having social anxiety since young. i am thankful to all of them for being there for me up till today. Graduated last week.. looking back. i wouldnt be where i am without my friends and family.. and i mean it literally.. well anw.. this is not supposed to be a sentimental post.
been feeling really moody recently.. probably due to the weather.. and i got my enlistment letter already ! 31st Oct. i also got an offer from ntu. will be studying in ntu after army.. hopefully my passion for studying is still there after 2 years.. kinda look forward to it.. oh i mean army.. what saddens me is that everyone is like enlisting in june/july or august/sept.. and im left alone here. lol. hope i could get along with my bunk mates though..

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